Good Product Management

Hello, I’m Scott Colfer and I love products that improve lives. I’ve worked on products with a social mission for over 15 years in a mixture of public service, charity, non-profit, and commercial contexts. I’m currently the Head of Product for the Ministry of Justice.

This series of emails will focus on good product management. I’ll talk about increasing the value of products that improve lives, where we measure value through how much we help people over how much profit we make. It’s likely that this will be of most interest if you work in a Government Department or Agency, Local Authority, Charity, Non-profit, Social enterprise, or Non-Governmental Organisation. I’ll publish a new episode whenever I’ve got something useful to say and keep quiet when I’ve not. I’d guess you can expect something every few weeks.

If you want to know more I have a personal website and a LinkedIn profile. You can speak with me on Twitter.